Two Italian companies for a complete service

Global Consortium is the consortium engaged in the creation of large-scale modularisation for the Oil & Gas sector. The consortium is made up of the companies Contec and Mitel. Italian companies that together offer a full service in the field of construction and plant installation: the complementary characteristics, unique know-how, financial stability and extensive experience gained by the management, technicians and operators ensure high quality standards, with the possibility of containing the timeframes and costs of each project.

The company‘s business is focused on high-tech electrical and instrumentation construction and processing. Alongside this area, Contec has a proven track record in mechanical plant engineering, operating in the Oil & Gas, New Energy, Heavy Construction, Chemical and Power Generation sectors. Specific manufacturing and engineering capabilities, enabling them to fully meet customers’ objectives.

Mitel opera nella realizzazione e manutenzione di impianti elettrici, elettro-strumentali, impianti tecnologici, fotovoltaici e di edilizia in generale, negli ambiti industriale, aereoportuale, logistico, metalmeccanico e dell’Oil & Gas, curando l’esecuzione delle opere dalla progettazione al collaudo finale. Il tutto potendo contare sulla professionalità delle risorse umane che lavorano all’interno dell’azienda.

Global Consortium, the dynamic consortium for the Oil & Gas sector

Global Consortium was established in 2009 from the union of leading companies in the engineering and electro-instrumental sector, with the idea of satisfying the needs of important national and international customers, standing out for its “General Contractor” approach in the implementation of complex and multidisciplinary projects. The Consortium holds a significant wealth of experience and expertise, the result of decades of activity by its member companies.  The need to share technical skills and economic resources in order to give shape to a synergic organisation capable of responding with high professionalism and competence to the ever-increasing challenges of the market, has accompanied the entire process of the establishment of Global Consortium which today, after more than ten years since its creation, is a qualified reference point for public bodies and private clients. The consortium form chosen by the founders, capable of bringing together under one roof the specialisations of the individual member companies, is innovative in that it guarantees the customer maximum solidity and reliability, as well as a constant reference point throughout the project: from the financial part to the design up to the execution of the works, thanks to a highly specialised administrative and technical staff, assisted, if needs be, by qualified third party companies of recognised capability and experience.  The resulting combination of synergies ensures that the final result is always impeccable and unique, taking care of every construction detail, starting from the preliminary studies and executive drawings, up to the post-construction assistance, as well as engineering, materials management, detailed planning and maintenance. Passion and commitment also allow our staff to constantly monitor the project KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): costs, timing, quality, safety and any changes during the project. Strong of the skills acquired in Italy, we are now projecting ourselves into new global scenarios where there is a growing need for know-how and highly specialised technicians.

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